Hometown Blues

Too much has changed. It’s been only a paltry three years since I left Bangalore for college . Sure people have been away from home for far longer, but that’s just it. Places change over lifetimes, over decades. Grandparents tell their grandchildren of how once upon a time there was a playground where now a skyscraper stands. This is too fast.


Oh-oh, I feel a stream-of-consciousness flashback welling up .

Racing down the stoned road infront of Vidhana Soudha on my Kinetic Honda, the wind puffing up my jacket. The 150 year old Stone building that housed my School. Peddlers pushing carts, calling out in the voice of a bygone era. The neighbourhood kaka angadi. Mewad Ice Cream. Torino. It’s almost eastalgie. Now I know how those East Germans feel. And yeah, where are the sparrows? Where are they??


The other day, as I stood in front of Vidhyarthi Bhavan, in Gandhi Bazaar was the first time this summer I felt like I was back in my hometown. As much as I hate to admit it (because I don’t live there), South Bangalore is the only part that still retains some of the the Bangalore-of-old feel. It wasn’t the only time though. Went to Daly Memorial Hall for a KQA quiz last sunday. Took me back years. God bless the KQA and all hail WingCo!


It takes me an hour and a half to get back home from work. Whatever happened to getting from anywhere to anywhere in Bangalore in just half an hour?


Today, I took an auto back home from work. The sky was a dark shade of grey. Inclement (Yes, yes, GRE word. Wordlist 25) weather threatened. The so-far-silent auto driver turned back and said he hadn’t seen clouds that grey for 20 years. 20 years ago I was one year old. Wonder what Bangalore was like then.


6 thoughts on “Hometown Blues

  1. AnSVad says:

    talk about disclaimers! GRE word list 25 anthe! and, mewad ice cream is a nice touch… of course south bangalore is *the* place to live! you had doubts? goobe!

  2. BBS says:

    Don’t worry maadkobeda. Namma metro bandhu traffic yella sari hogathe. South Bangalore will retain its charm for years and years to come. North Bangalore will become more and more cosmopolitan (which is also good for frequent MG Road visitors like you).
    Yella ok, torino yaake?

  3. wololo says:

    @BBS: What about the gubbachchis???

  4. Pavan says:

    Muhahaha. South Bangalore. Jayanagar rules! (You must have expected this comment. You must have.) Even there things have changed though. Only, not as much.

    But the gubbachchis! Whatever the freakin’ hell happened to them?

  5. Pradhan says:

    The gubbachchis vanishing reminds me of the janitors squirrel collection 🙂 BTW, was this what you originally intended to post? What happened to “And then it rained…”? 🙂

  6. Mohan K.V says:

    Torino, oh yes!! And much though I hate to admit it too, South Bangalore _is_ better 😐
    But West Lafayette feels exactly like good ‘ole vintage Bangalore! Right from the almost-empty roads to the sudden flash rains to sunlight falling through thick tree covers! 🙂

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